What to look for in a Plumbing Company

Baytown Plumber | Plumber Baytown, Tx
Baytown Plumber | Plumber Baytown, Tx

It can be hard having an emergency plumbing problem. Picture this, it’s Saturday night, and your ceiling starts leaking. Your bathroom is right above you, and you know it’s a plumbing issue. Even better, you just moved into the house and new to the area. You don’t have an emergency plumber on speed dial, and you can see the dollars in damage by each second that passes by. You know you can’t just sit on this plumbing problem. You need to call a plumber that is open 24-7 right now. What other considerations are there when picking from all the Plumbing Companies out there?

Accreditations & Certifications

One of the top considerations when selecting your plumbing company is their accreditations. Consider their certifications too, since it will determine the work they do. If you need a plumber to do work on a gas powered tankless water heater and the plumber is not registered with Gas Safe or Oftec, organizations that legitimize the plumbing company or plumber. Other organizations are SAFE Contractor, CIPHE, NICEIC, and CHAS are all organizations that indicate the plumber can successfully and effectively handle the plumbing issue correctly.


Ensure the plumber that comes to your home is with a plumbing company that is insured. You can expect legitimate tradespeople to have insurance up to 5 million dollars to cover the cost of damages. This means if the plumber accidentally damaged your property, the company would be held liable to fix those problems. This puts the homeowner at ease when hiring a plumbing company. Now if you cannot find out if the company has insurance, then you need to move onto the next plumbing company.

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Company

plumber problem
plumber problem

When you look for a plumbing company, you better be sure you find one that is available all the time. If a pipe breaks or bursts suddenly, you need that problem fixed right then. A homeowner can rest easy knowing they can call a plumbing company any time and get service in minutes. Unfortunately, we can wait on a breaking boiler! Another thing to inquire about is the time it takes for a plumber to arrive at your home for these emergency issues once called. If it’s a 6-hour window, move to the next plumbing company. You can’t afford a long time lapse to fix a costly problem. If your pipe bursts at midnight, you want that plumber to be at your home within the hour.

Open 24 Hours

In addition to the response time, you need to know what times the plumber has normal operating times. So if a plumbing issue can wait 30 minutes for normal hours and not be charged an emergency fee, you can have the option to do that. You may choose a plumbing company that has more hours in the day they charge as their normal day operating hours as opposed to emergency and after hours costs.